Nightmare Coming True

Posted by Amala of Imladris - May 12th, 2020

Keeping her by his side during the night, Gil-Galad could not believe how much like her mother his daughter was. What was is Imali said…she thought with her heart more than head. To hear Amala’s fear of losing him above all else made his own heart ache. There was never any guarentee that would allow him to promise her that he would not fall in battle anymore than he could promise her that she would never come of age. Life did not work that way. Yet, he knew that he had to come up with something that he could promise her to ease her pain, worry and fear.

Taking a deep breath, he heard the early morning chimes ringing that signalled the fast approaching dawn. Gently, he awakened Amala and helped her get ready for the journey ahead.

“Where are we going ada,” she asked sleepily when lifted upon the back of her father’s horse Galian.

“With all our warriors being gone from Imladris during this battle, I am afraid that there is only one place that I can take you where you will be safe and that is Greenwood the Great and the halls of Lord Thranduil,” he said watching her rosey cheeks turning pale.

“You are taking me to the spider woods,” she said with tears welling up in her eyes. “Please ada…not there.”

“I am sorry my dear, but I have no choice,” he said mounting the horse behind her. “If an attack takes place here there will be nobody to protect you. Understand my daughter that you are my heir. If I fall in battle it is because it was my destiny to join your mother in the Halls of Mandos. It is then your destiny to carry on in my stead. Even if you do not choose when the time comes to be a ruler like I am, at least you can carry on in the way that best suits your life. Star Dome and Erestor will also be doing all they can to come back from this war that lies ahead. So now I ask that you do your part. Promise me you will do all you can to stay alive there and wait for us to come back for you. In doing so, we will know you are safe and will have clearer minds to concentrate on what we need to do to destroy this enemy and return if the Valar will it.”

“I promise,” she said with a sigh of resignation. “Only you better promise me that you will do all you can to come back alive. Ada, I cannot live without you too.”

“I cannot promise that I will come out of the battle alive, but I will promise that I do what I can and should I fall, all you will need to do is just think of me and I will send you the strength you need,” he said nudging Galian to start onto the path of their long journey.

It was several days until they arrived at the gates of Thranduil’s halls and when they finally arrived, her blood ran cold as they heard the rustling in the trees and the clicking noises of the creatures in the canopy above their heads. Once inside, she clung to her father for dear life until she had not recourse but to let him go.

“The hospitality of my halls are yours Amala. As for your father you need not fear. He is a tried and accomplished warrior. He will return for you when these dark days are over.” Thranduil said placing his arm around her. “Do not worry about her. I will care for her as if she were my own.”

Watching her father leave the halls, Amala silently cried out to the Valar to allow him to come back home.

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