Promises Kept

Posted by Amala of Imladris - May 12th, 2020

Many years passed and though he found the transition in

to being the High King easy enough, Elrond grew weary both in heart and spirit. For in all the time that passed, he found that in the times he spent alone, his mind wandered back to his dear friend Gil-Galad and his young daughter Amala. In the quiet moments in which he could not sleep, but spent staring into the fire of his own hearth he would often find himself mentally wandering through the gardens of Imladris where he ended his wandering before the memorial statue of Gil-Galad sitting upon the high chair in the council courtyard. It was then that a deep fog would start to roll in and at his side would stand his long dead friend.

“Yet again you come to my grave my friend,” Gil-Galad said kindly. “I have seen your heart and mind are troubled with thoughts of myself and Amala. Only, unlike me, she does not walk the paths of the dead. Elrond, what you were told all those years ago of my daughter’s death was a lie. She yet lingers in the halls of Lord Thranduil. Only in a place of great sorrow and grief. Her mind has a spell cast upon it from years of mistreatment and abuse and she is barely holding onto life. You must go there and bring her from her prison. Although you might not be able to go there yourself, send no more than three that you trust the most to find her and bring her back.”

“How will I know her,” Elrond asked urgently.

“In her current state, she no longer remembers her name. She goes by the name of Waif now. However, once the spell is lifted and she begins to remember, you hear an old name you have long since gone by. She will call you Star Dome once more. Only you must get her back to Imladris before the setting of the next full moon or her dreams from youth will be fulfilled. The one that has imprisoned her shall kill her and feed her remains to the spiders and send his own daughter in her stead to reign beside you until her father can come with his allies to kill you in your sleep and plunge the elven kingdoms into an age of darkness far worse than if Morgoth himself had returned,” came the grave warning.

Once he came back to his senses, Elrond entered Mithrandir’s chambers where he found his sons sitting with the old wizard drinking and speaking of news from their time spent with the Rangers of the wilds.

“Mithrandir my old friend and my dear sons, forgive the abruptness of this request, but it is a matter of life and death. I cannot tell you where I got the information from, but need the three of you to ride with all haste to the Mirkwood and the halls of Thrandruil. Mithrandir, I need you to keep Thranduil and his advisor Keristan blind to all else that moves while you Elrohir and Elladan travel deep into the archives with the help of Legolas to retrieve from the cells beneath a child not yet of age that is called simply Waif,” he said urgently. “That girl child shall be brought to Lothlorien where I will await you all to return.”

“Father,” Elrohir questioned curiously “what is the reasoning behind this odd request? It is not like you to interfere with the affairs of other kingdoms let alone those that are imprisioned by them.”

“I have reason to believe that the one you are to rescue is one that I made a promise to many years ago and was prevented from fulfilling through a act of deceipt. Now meet me in the courtyard as soon as all of you are ready for the long journey ahead,” he said turning to leave the room.

Walking in silence with his friend, Mithrandir followed Elrond back to his chambers. Once inside and door closed, he stopped his friend as he made haste with gather what he needed for the long road ahead.

“I have never seen you in such a mood of great folly. Tell me who is it you think we are rescuing my friend or I will remain behind here and let the boys do their part if they can,” Mithrandir said solemnly.

“For many nights now I have not been able to sleep Mithrandir so I have sat here in this chair gazing deeping into the fire. During these moments, I have found my mind wandering through the gardens and stopping at Gil-Galad’s statue. Only this night he came to me with a dire warning. All those years ago when I was told that all that remained of Amala were the shreds of clothing falling to the ground after the spiders devoured her, it was all a lie. Amala does not wander the halls of the dead, but is very much alive and cast into a spell of shadows and pain that have made her forget whom she is and if she is not returned by the waning of the next full moon she will be put to death and fed to the spiders. Once this happens, another will come pretending to be her with the sole intention of claiming a false birth right of succession to sit at my side. When she takes that seat, a force will enter in friendship into my halls as on a night least expected as I repose, a death blow with be struck and she shall cast Imladris and other elven halls into darkness,” he said sincerely. “Gandalf…I promised her when she sat upon my lap as a frightened child on the eve of our journey to battle that I would do all I could to bring her home should her father fall. It is a promise I mean to keep.”

After several days, Elrond arrived on the borders of Lothlorien as the others entered the borders of the Mirkwood. Only, instead of needing to follow the plans set forth for the child’s rescue, they found Legolas and Aragorn on the edges awaiting them with the nearly lifeless form of the young elvish woman being shrouded by one of Aragorn’s traveling cloaks.

“Mithrandir,” Aragorn said with a sigh. “You do not know how glad my weary eyes are to see the three of you. I received word from a messenger of Erestor of what it was you needed to do. Only things were being put into motion faster than was anticipated. I was in the archives and noticed a young woman of elf kind being beaten in a most savage way. As a result, I remained hidden and waited until Legolas distracted a human named Brasso who serves as Keristan’s punisher. He does what Keristan as an elf cannot least he calls the curse of the Valar upon his head by harming another elf. I have done what I can to help her stay alive, but she is fading. Only Lord Elrond might be able to truly save her now.”

“What of Thranduil and Keristan,” Mithrandir asked concerned.

“I have done to them what was done to Lord Elrond all those years ago and presented them with torn blood stained remnants of her clothing and told them she was killed and fed to the spiders,” Legolas said with a smirkish grin. “Now they believe that I am once more traveling the wilds with Aragorn.”

Taking the young woman from Aragorn, Elrohir mounted his horse and the three of them met with Lord Elrond at the edge of Lothlorien as Legolas and Aragorn took a path toward the wilds. Once at the base of the steps ascending to the talon of council, Elrond took Amala into his arms as he climbed up to seek the aid needed of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. This alone would be a struggle as neither of them wanted to accept that one day a child of unholy union could ever be deemed an heir of Gil-Galad.

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